Looking west into the southern end of South park from the pass, which is on US 24 west of Florissant, CO. This is about 170 miles into a 300 mile round trip from my home in Nederland which I try to make at least once every summer. Nikon E990. July 2007. Salt Flats along Highway 50. July 2010. Canon A530. Farmland east of Victor, ID on Highway 33. Canon 40D. July 2008. The Grand Tetons in the distance. Canon 40D. July 2008. Telephoto from east of Victor, Idaho on Highway 33. This is called a state park, but in reality it is a parking lot with 2 covered picnic tables, and they recently added a pit toilet. When I first discovered it in 2001 while on my way to California for a second motorcycle trip I spent the night on the rim about 1/4 mile away from the parking lot. It is the San Juan River in southeastern Utah. July 2008, Canon 40D. At the Mexican Hat, Utah side road. July 2008. Canon 40D.


December 23, 2012  by RJMS  •  land

Many years ago I was given the gift of a book of fine art photographs by Fay Goodwin (1931- 2005) entitled simply “LAND”.  I have always loved not only the black and white photographs of the landscapes of the British Isles found in the book, but especially the title. So simple. Says all that needs to be said.