This picture was taken at my first rest stop on my first ever cross country motorcycle trip in May of 1999. It is looking west towards the Collegiate Peaks, just south of Buena Vista, CO, at the junction of Highways 24 and 285. One of the 3. This is near the top of Cottonwood Pass (11,000 ft.) east of Buena Vista, Colorado. At the top of the pass the road changes to dirt for the descent down to Taylor Reservoir. Down in South Park, Colorado Highway 285 meets Highway 17 at this junction, just above Sand Dunes National Monument. Highway 17 runs almost dead straight with no curves for about 50 miles here. One of the few places in Colorado where one can more or less safely try to find out the maximum speed on their bike, should one wish to. Look closely you can see the wind farm towers on the ridge in the distance. This sign is at the junction of Highway 95 and 261. Heading south to the Dugway overlook, that rainstorm on the left has been following me around for several hours. This is view at the top. From here a mostly gravel and at times 1 lane road descends about 1200 ft in 1/2 mile before it becomes paved again. About 40 miles south of I-40 heading for Show Low, Arizona Looking north into the desert from an overlook just past the Glen Canyon Dam at Page, Arizona. Highway 93, the Great Basin Highway. This is looking north from a rest stop about 50 miles north of State Road 319, 1/2 way to US 6. You can ride really fast for a really long time on this road, it is mostly straight and there is no one around. On Highway 93 looking north towards Wells, Nevada, where it intersects with I-80. July 2008, Canon A530. 45 miles north of Winnemuca Nevada you turn left and head for Oregon on this road. Gas up in Winnemuca, the single pump station in Denio may or may not have gas, and the next station is in Lakeview, another 110 miles away. Nevada Highway 140 heading towards a pass thru some low mountains halfway to Denio. 58 miles to the next turn, saw 2 cars. Motorcycle Heaven. My favorite road in Oregon. The south end is just outside of Oakridge, off Highway 58. The north end passes Cougar Reservoir and ends at Highway 126 a few miles west of MacKenzie Bridge. And the entire 58 miles stretch looks like this. Highway 20, in Idaho, on the west side of Yellowstone NP. July 2008, Canon A530 30 miles or so from the Nevada border the road veers south for a bit before heading east and north to Delta, UT. I really do not remember where I was when I took this one, but best guess is on US 85 in eastern Wyoming. July 2007, Canon A530. Highway 120 is a spur that starts at US 395 just south of Mono Lake and meets up with US 6 at the base of the White Mountains, which form a border with Nevada. June 1999, Canon AE2, Kodachrome 64


December 22, 2012  by RJMS  •  roads

While on my summer motorcycle trips the images I have most enjoyed trying to capture are ones of the roads I am on.  The reason is that what the trips are primarily about is finding beautiful roads to ride. So when I do find them I want to share the feeling I have found at that precise moment, which is most often one of joy.  So for those of you who love “road” trips like I do I will inaugurate the new site with a few of those images.